McGee/Elsa Litter 2022

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We are so incrediby thrilled to announce our planned


To say we're super excited is an understatement.
The Bloodhound breed in Australia is in dire trouble & deemed now endangered/vulnerable.

As our Elsa is currently the only ANKC health tested breeding age female Bloodhound in the country, so to have a litter on the way is pivotal for the breed to continue.

This litter is the culmination of every single import we've brought into the country over the past 12+ years (& even one export to enable an import) & the pedigree will give me scope to breed back to dogs like our amazing Merlin & his father Gibbs.

We have a huge interest in this litter, however expressions of interest are still encouraged
- initial enquiry via EMAIL ONLY



6 GIRLS & 4 BOYS  - BORN JULY 2nd, 2022

Litter pedigree

Contact Details

Michelle Ashpole
Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia
Email : [email protected]